Episcopo Builders

It is rare in the life of a homeowner to find a consistently outstand contractor who bends over backward to give more service than contracted for, with more friendliness than we have a right to expect, plus the persistence and ingenuity to overcome the small, nagging, little problems others would ignore."

Without a doubt, the cornerstone of our business is skilled masonry.

From the very beginning, Joe Episcopo Sr. knew teaming this time-honored trade with a set of building skills was essential. Most homes that were built and renovated in his time (from the 1950’s to 1990’s) required footings, foundations, stone facades, chimneys, walls, patios, drives & walkways. We did it all—and we still do down to this day. It’s one more thing that sets us apart from other contractors. In fact, it’s not uncommon for Dean or Joe Jr. to come across their early masonry projects decades later; and homeowners still thoroughly pleased with the quality & appearance. (Many recount memories of Joe & Dean, as teen-agers, setting stone with their father.