Episcopo Builders

Not only did you keep the project going at top speed, you also helped make sure all the stumbling blocks were taken care of, you proved that the slogan on the side of your vehicles “Dedicated to Professionalism” is more than just a slogan, you were able to handle any changes to the original plan without any problem, and your work was of superior quality."

Kitchen and bathroom renovations require one of the highest levels of expertise and planning.

With the greatest amount of foot-traffic and resale value, these rooms deserve special attention.

What 4 things should you look for in a kitchen and bathroom remodeler?  1. A dedicated project manager who fully communicates with each member working on the project.  2. An intimate team, each uniquely skilled in his own profession.  3. Someone who won’t rush, cut corners, or downplay permits and other safety requirements.  4.  A contractor who stands behind their work and has a reputation of honesty, quality and seeing a project completely through.

Over the years, Joseph Episcopo & Sons has developed a tightly-managed system for kitchen & bathroom renovations.  From the very start, our detailed estimates outline specific construction products and methods to assure you will have the highest quality project from the inside out.  We provide design support and spend a considerable amount of time in the planning stage, so your project runs as seamlessly as possible. Our goal is to make the most-functional rooms of your house the ones you’ll have the best experience creating.

We provide kitchen and bathroom renovation services in Summit, Chatham, Millburn, Short Hills, Madison, Harding, South Orange, New Vernon, Mendham and all surrounding NJ towns and counties.