Episcopo Builders

It is with great pleasure that we add our name to your list of satisfied customers.  Having dealt originally with your father more than fifteen years ago, and been totally satisfied then, I was gratified that when we called you to handle the latest addition to our house, you had carried on his tradition of integrity, superior workmanship and unblemished courtesy.

It is in repeating business that the best recommendation is made and so I am glad to say that we have already proved it by using your services twice in the past.  In addition, we are thinking of further adjustments to our house and, once more, will be calling Joseph Episcopo & Sons to help us with that project."

We can’t doubt that technology and machinery have greatly advanced the field of carpentry.

However, the eye for design, proportion and historical accuracy teamed with the skill of a human hand can never be replaced. Every detail counts, especially with functional pieces, like cabinetry and built-ins. We want our products to last for years and only use the best quality joinery, hinges and hardware. Our carpenters are selected for their skill and passion for the trade. Quality carpentry, such as wainscoting, paneling, custom mouldings, exposed ceiling beams, custom-made doors, stairs, railings, exterior columns and porticos truly set a house apart. Whatever your style, modern to hand-hewn, every bit of custom work should be a work of art— seamlessly tying into your existing home’s architecture.