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Top 5 Places to Recoup Renovation Dollars

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Built-Ins to Warm Your Home

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Designing a Home Guests will Love.

Ding dong! “They’re here!”  This year AAA projected over 36 million Americans travelling over 50 miles during the Memorial Day season cialis in usa.  No doubt this figure will increase as summer vacations takes full-swing.  With that in mind, is your house ready for visitors? The perfect guest accommodations boil down to a quiet and private space with a comfortable bed, a clean, well-lit bathroom and enough space for everyone to socialize and eat together. Families short on... read more

Patio Makeovers Made Simple

By now, most of us have been sprucing up the yard and thinking, “Our family could enjoy the patio even more if only we had a better…” Whether you’re wishing for an outdoor kitchen, a cleaner and safer play area for the kids, or just a shadier spot when temperatures rise, now is the time to hop to it! Breaking Down Your Existing Space There are plenty of simple and inexpensive solutions to make any deck, porch or patio a comfortable place the whole family can enjoy. Before... read more

Sunrooms, Sleeping Porches & Conservatories

They are by far the most comfortable way to create a room full of sunshine!  Here's what to consider when planning your new favorite room in the house. WHICH DIRECTION SHOULD IT FACE?  Each family will  have a unique use for the space, so think about the time of day you'll enjoy the sunlight the most.  Eastern rooms offer sunny breakfasts and shadier afternoons.  Western rooms allow for a full later-day of sunlight.  Southern-facing rooms will offer the fullest amount of sun, while... read more