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Top 5 Places to Recoup Renovation Dollars

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Why Does My Tile Estimate Say “Straight-Set Only”?

At times, it's necessary to draft our agreement or estimate before you finalize your tile orders and layouts.  You may see phrases like, "straight-set" or "porcelain or ceramic installation only".  Why? We start our estimate based on the simplest layout and easiest product to work with.  We keep it honest and don't inflate our price, "just in case".  We will write an addendum to your agreement when final choices are made. Why should this matter to you?  Your design may quickly drive up... read more

Lighting Design 101 – The Essential Rooms

We've compiled professional advice for lighting the most critical areas of your home.  Before it's too late and the sheetrock goes up, make sure you have the perfect lighting layout for your home. Kitchen A flexible “1-2-3-4” lighting scheme is a must for every kitchen.  (1) Ambient lighting from ceiling pendants, (2) General task lighting from recessed lights or track lighting, (3) Added task lighting under cabinetry, and (4) Sparkling or glowing mood lighting from behind glass doors,... read more

Hidden Treasures In Your Attic

Who wouldn’t want to find an old bundle of cash or a trinket worthy of The Antiques Road Show up in the attic?  You might be sitting under something far more valuable than you think when it comes to extra space for home renovations. According to a recent AARP survey, a full third of respondents ages 18 to 49 reported living with parents or in-laws.  If you’re facing a similar situation, or your youngsters are converting your living room into a romper room, keep in mind that attic... read more

4 Winter Troubles That Could’ve Been Prevented

"We did notice something, but didn't think it would cause such a problem!" With the changing of seasons, it's only normal for seemingly small imperfections to creep up on your home.  The key is to identify which cracks, bumps and noises will cause the "snowball effect" and turn into emergencies once the rain, snow and ice hit. Here are four common emergency calls that can be avoided with "an ounce of prevention": "OUR WALKWAY & STEPS ARE SOLID ICE!" Pavers, slabs, treads...really... read more