Company History

Crew - 03-26-13 Joe & Dean 25(1)It’s unique to have a company as successful as ours that has been run by the same family for over 50 years. Joey Episcopo sits down with his father Joe Jr. and uncle Dean to discuss the history of Joseph Episcopo & Sons.

Joey: Who is the Joseph Episcopo? Most people think there are three of us Joe’s.

Joe Jr.: “Actually, there are four of us! I’m Joseph III, and our dad, Joseph II founded our company. As a youth he grew up in Union NJ during tough economic times. He eventually dropped himself out of school to help support the family as a mason’s helper. While finely-honing his skills, he married Annemarie and they settled on Glenside Avenue in Summit.”

Joey: So that was the beginning of a beautiful story. Along come Joe Jr. and Dean.

Dean: “Right. Our dad had a strong work ethic. He started us boys at about 8 years old working in the summers. Looking back some of his clients probably felt like we were being punished, but for us, it’s all we ever wanted to do—to work with our dad. He knew it, though, and taught us everything about masonry, construction and professional business practices. We often wish we could show him how it all worked out.

Joe Jr.: But, all the years we spent with him made us appreciate what a huge impression his big friendly personality had in the community. He couldn’t go out to eat without leaning over to the next table and starting a conversation. His people skills taught us to respect and see an individual as someone with a story. And when we worked inside of a house, he taught us to see these structures as homes—something alive and very personal to its owners. We discovered the importance of gaining people’s trust and keeping it.

Dean: So, our company’s history isn’t only a running resume, but a journey of learning how our work impact other’s lives.

Joey: But we can’t overlook the company’s impressive record of quality and skilled work.

Dean: That’s true. We’ve worked hard to constantly improve and advance our company as technology and trends change. This ability to adapt has been very healthy for us and has opened our eyes to selecting a broad range of skilled men and women to meet all of our customer’s needs over the years.

Joe Jr.: Our team members are like family and we truly want them to stay with us through to retirement. Their loyalty deserves ours. Each of our team members receives continuing education through classes, seminars, certifications, etc. We’ve taken our father’s concept of disciplined training and fine-tuned apprenticeship routines for our newer men, including our own children—Konnor, Shannon, and you (Joey).

Joey: And we really enjoy working with our family, too. So, for nearly 60 years of history and an endless amount of stories, how would you sum it all up?

Joe Jr.: Our foundation and principles run deep. No matter what it takes, from our viewpoint, we’re going to keep our reputation shining with happy relationships and full satisfaction on every project, large or small.