A Basement Lighting Solution

May 5 2016

amazing basement light 1

Basement refinishing is such an excellent way to make use of all the space you paid for when you purchased your home, but it does come with a bevvy of its own dilemmas – waterproofing, temperature control, and lighting are all hurdles that really need to be cleared if you want your basement to actually be lived in. So how can we pump this much natural light into your basement to make it a place everyone in the family loves being in, you ask?! Clever use of basement window placement depending on the kind of basement you have, we say!

This picture was taken in the basement of a home we are working on that has a daylight basement (also known as a walkout basement). Windows & Siding Online explains that a daylight basement is when “your home is built on a slope and the back of your house is completely exposed while the front part of the basement is underground”. We took advantage of the situation in this home to fit in a large window in the back basement wall. The photo above is unedited, and no lights were turned on in the basement to take it – natural light floods into the room, making the space welcoming and open!


The window on the far right of this basement adds natural light, which warms the space and makes it welcoming

Even if your basement is underground on all sides, you can still optimize your basement windows to allow for more natural light. Many basement windows are wide and low – why not consult with your builder to see if they can be stretched out a bit further on each side, or if there is space for more windows to be added? Egress windows can be installed by digging a space outside the basement wall for a large window to fit below ground level, and they also can be used as an emergency escape route, making your basement that little bit safer.

Whatever your plan is for what could be the largest room in your home, make sure you get in touch with a qualified builder who can let you know what’s possible and safe for your home. You can get some great ideas by researching on the web, and when you’re ready to get going, give us a call! We employ friendly people who are happy to give you an accurate estimate for your job.