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Updated Technology to Spruce Up Your Bathroom

It seems like we’re constantly working on bathroom renovations. Our designers are always coming up with new layouts, selecting fresh tile patterns and working with customers to create beautiful bathrooms left and right! Yet, while a full renovation is the best way to get the W.C. of your dreams, it’s admittedly not always practical to switch up your whole room every time you update your Pinterest board. So what can you do to refresh your bathroom without taking on a major construction... read more

Which Radiant Flooring Option Is Best For You?

You know the feeling well. You’re standing in your warm, steamy shower, all clean & wide awake, ready to face the day… but you can’t bring yourself to turn the water off. You know the second that hot water stops raining out of your shower head, you’ll have to step out. And the second you do, your tile floor will miraculously transfigure into arctic ice... And your feet are going to have to come into contact with it. It’s a problem many of us battle each morning, but there... read more