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Sunrooms, Sleeping Porches & Conservatories

They are by far the most comfortable way to create a room full of sunshine!  Here's what to consider when planning your new favorite room in the house. WHICH DIRECTION SHOULD IT FACE?  Each family will  have a unique use for the space, so think about the time of day you'll enjoy the sunlight the most.  Eastern rooms offer sunny breakfasts and shadier afternoons.  Western rooms allow for a full later-day of sunlight.  Southern-facing rooms will offer the fullest amount of sun, while... read more

Why Does My Tile Estimate Say “Straight-Set Only”?

At times, it's necessary to draft our agreement or estimate before you finalize your tile orders and layouts.  You may see phrases like, "straight-set" or "porcelain or ceramic installation only".  Why? We start our estimate based on the simplest layout and easiest product to work with.  We keep it honest and don't inflate our price, "just in case".  We will write an addendum to your agreement when final choices are made. Why should this matter to you?  Your design may quickly drive up... read more

A Contractor For Every Project Size.

In our trade, you'll typically find two types of contractors:  (1) Contractors who run large projects and view small jobs as unprofitable or (2) Contractors who tackle small projects all day and send sub-contractors to focus on larger projects.  It's a rare breed who can do both. For years, the Episcopo team has successfully met the needs of both large and small projects.  How? TRAINING.  Our in-house team is cross-trained to know a variety of diagnostic, repair, and building... read more