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Mudrooms Stop Wet Feet at the Door!

A large majority of our customers decide to create a mudroom when they add-on or renovate their home.  Typically, the best locations are at a side of the house, near a parking area, or off the kitchen.  We also love the idea of having them in a basement entrance, too. Limited on space?  Mudrooms do very well bunking with your washer and dryer, a pantry, gardening room or the dog’s room. <a href="http://www cialis 5mg... read more

Triumph Over Power Outages!

Bad weather is the #1 cause of power outages.  As extreme storms increase, have you been considering a permanent backup generator? Besides getting the lights back on, the reasons why our customers request a permanently installed generator are to keep the following running: Heating/Cooling Hot Water Sump Pump Cooking Appliances Food Refrigeration Internet & Television Did you know a backup source of power can actually save you money in the long run?  The alternative... read more

Portable Generator Safety

Almost 70% of portable generator-related deaths occur in the basement, crawl space, or garage. Severe storms this year may have had many of you invest in a portable generator.  And, at times, we'll supply one to our customers when we come for emergency services.  Let's review some safety tips from the Red Cross & Electrical Safety Foundation...they can be a life-saver. Never operate in enclosed or partially-enclosed spaces, including homes, garages & basements. ... read more